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Holiday Help Guide to Children's interests

L  = Rainy day (our guide)

Heimwehfluh Model Railway & Playground Plus BOB RUN Parents can sit and relax on the terrace while the children play

Railway History

SWIMMING POOL Interlaken has an indoor and out door pool which include Fitness , massage, sports, mini golf & a restaurant . Pool Plan

L  ST Beatus - Hohlen A short distance for Interlaken on bus route 6. Visit the underground labyrinth of St Beatus, where fact and fiction and come together to create a lovely adventure for the children.

JKL Papiliorama Is an introduction to Butterflies and nature under several large domes ideal for children to see and experience both nature in daylight and the Noctorama. Situated near Kerzers. Route Plan

JKL TROPIQUARIUM (near De Servion "Lausanne") Children's day out to see reptiles, birds set in pleasant surroundings.

JKL BERNE ANIMAL Park beautifully situated by the river in Bern. Its a day out with large areas Freely open to all and the exotic animals in the middle (small charge) + some lovely picnic areas and restaurants to suit all.

JKL Brienz Animal Park (Free) Near the station backing on to a hill by the Rothorn railway is a small path leading up to the animal park.

JK STOCKHORN  Situated in the Zweisimmen Valley at village of Erlenbach I.S. A cable car takes you in two stages to a spectacular views at the with beautiful walks. the half way station offers beautiful walks and fishing in the lake. (small charge)

JK Mannlichen The FELIX WALK Follow the Felix path for the children, visit 

JK  Steam railway Brunig Through out the summer the Dampfbahanen offer nostalgia and fun on their Steam train visit for the latest

JKL JOBIN (Brienz) Brienz has long been home of the Finest craftsmanship of international repute for over two hundred years. Since 1835 the international company Jobin has come to represent an important Centre for traditional Swiss arts and crafts. With a modern infrastructure, the best trained managers and master craftsmen/women Ed. Jobin Ltd. offers individual experiences for people who are seeking holiday and leisure activities with a unique, authentic and personal character. For a brief time, using head, hand and heart, one can become a craftsman and make one's own wood-carving. music box or Swiss watch. The Where to see Swiss wood carving and try your selves with the hands on events

JKL Bunker Fischbalmem Tour an under ground bunker reservations  033 841 1818 (Saturdays July - August)

JKL Artillery Works Foundation Faulensee (near Interlaken) 

JKL Infantry Bunker Foundation Fischbalmen Beatenbucht (Near Interlaken) 

JKL Swiss Artillery Fortress www.festung-


JKL Alpine Dairy Gental Visit and watch the production of cheese on a guided tour. tel 033 9751236


JKL FUNLAND is an indoor children play area just out side Thun (entrance fee) Visit 

JKL HAPPYLAND is a water park approx 1.5 hours journey away in the wallis / Valais region. vistit

Baby Sitters

Day Nursery fitness center    033 823 19 28

Day Nursery Victoria-Jungfrau 033 828 26 09

Toy Library 033 822 87 86



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