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Krankenmobilien Interlaken (Items for rent) If you need Crutches, wheel chair then this organization may be able to help. Limited opening phone first CH 0786 7321 39 (you will need ID possibly leave your ID until you return and a Deposit)

For UK residents with UK passports only.

UK residents holidays within the EU don't forget your European Health Insurance Card EHIC (formally E111) visit for further information. REMEMBER THIS REQUIRES RENEWALS.

UK Passport Information or Email

For help and advice contact "Passport advice line 0870 521 0410 

Lost or stolen you MUST report as soon as possible to the local Police whom should either advise the embassy of supply you with means to contact the embassy your selves.

TIP! take a black & white copy or your passport number and store separately some where safe. (Colour copies are illegal)

Altogold can Offer UK residents Insurance please ask for further details.



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